Sunday, January 9, 2011

My time in Calgary

December 24th  I surprised Christopher (my boyfriend) with a trip home to Edmonton.6 hours after he opened his present we were sitting on a plane.  He went home December 31st and Kolton and I stayed we wont be going back until January 18th. This is the first time I've been away  from Christopher for so long I missing him like crazy!

This weekend Kolton, Loralie (Christopher's mom) and I travelled to Calgary  to visit Stephen (Christopher's brother) and Angela. Its been a blast from ridiculous waffles with whipped cream, sprinkles and candles to driving to  the other end of the city for scrap booking materials. its been a fun trip well worth Kolton getting to spend time with his aunt and uncle. 

Its so much fun to watch other people with Kolton. and its amazing to see so much love beam from a baby. i know babies are lovable but i never knew you could see the love pour out of them.  Kolton LOVES his uncle Stephen. maybe its because uncle Stephen holds him upside down or flops him around ... I guess it because uncles are fun.

 one word RIDICULOUS
We say goodbye tomorrow to uncle Stephen and Auntie Angela  until the summer as we are going back to Edmonton tomorrow provided the weather let us. thanks weather for the extra day in Calgary! it was awesome.  Back to Gramma's we go!

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  1. I love the way that Stephen and Kolton are with each other. It's not good for my baby fever though! :)