Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catch up

So its been a few days since the last time i posted. its been a busy few days. Kolton and I are back in Victoria, but i will get back to that later. lets recap the last few days in Edmonton.

Sunday I spent the day with Destiny, I went over in my PJ's it was like we were 15 again. spending the entire day in our PJ's then putting make up on it was great!
we also had a lot of fun making Oreo cookie balls with the two girls.

Oreo cookie balls

what you  need: 1 package of Oreo cookies
8oz of soften cream cheese
1 pound dark chocolate

how ya do it: put the entire package of Oreo cookies in the food processor
grind the cookies till they are crumbs
mix the crumbs with the cream cheese and chill for and hour
melt the dark chocolate using the double boiler
once chocolate is melted roll the balls through the chocolate
chill in the fridge until harden.
i added icing sugar for a little extra something.

to some up an awesome day we finally got to go to Ice on Whyte.  we walked there and quickly realized we were walking the wrong way. good thing we didn't go very far.

my favorite sculpture was the woman looking it the mirror. and you  can actually see her reflection. the giant slide was pretty fun too destiny and i slide down twice and both time we giggled the entire 3 seconds it took to get to the bottom.  the event was pretty cool i anticipated it bigger but it was still fun.

Monday - my last day in Edmonton!
 i spent the day packing. you  would think that packing one suit case wouldn't be a problem. well for me it was, I couldn't get everything into it for one and then to top it off it was over weight. so after lots of repacking i ended up leaving stuff behind including my blanket. the biggest piss off about it was the airline never weight my bag. 
the evening i spent at the grand parents house we had pizza, watched home videos and had a nice visit. 

Tuesday we flew home. The baby was fantastic on the plane! he flirted with the flight attendant before we boarded. once we boarded the plane the baby had his bottle and was asleep before the plane took off. he slept all but the last 15 mins of the flight where he put his hand on the window and watched us land. it was super cute!   we got off the plane and hurried to see Daddy and grandma. grandma very quickly got Kolton and Christopher gave me a very huge long hug we missed each other so much and i am glad we are back home.

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