Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy day

          Every Monday Kolton and I do the same thing, we go to baby talk at 10:30am. we have been going since Kolton was 2 weeks old. Because we go to baby talk I try to make Mondays my busy day. Today was a busy day we first dropped Christopher off at work then went to my work to do book orders.  I work for a catholic school as a preschool teacher. I'm currently on maternity leave. I still have to decide if I am going back to work come September. The decision isn't as easy as just saying yes or no, the school has told me that I have to be married in order to return to my job.
         Then we  went to baby talk, the topic today was toys and baby equipment. not one of the more use full talks, we talked about stuff that was banned or recalled but not much information it was more of a chat today.  I don't really go for the topics anyway. I find it just gives me an opportunity to connect with other moms. which i have I've met two moms that I really enjoy meeting up with Susan and Becky the both have very cute little girls.
        Next on the list was lunch with Poppy (grandpa) and Grandma, lunch is always fun with them.  After that we visited a friend to kill time till the doctors.
       Kolton had his 6 month check up today! he is off the charts in head growth  and off the charts with his height now 2.5 feet. I asked the doctor if that meant he was going to be taller than his mama by the time he is 4? the doctor just laughed at me. all in all the appointment went well but we are going to see a pediatrician. i want to get his breathing checked he always sounds very congested.
        the last thing we had to do today was go to walmart and get more kitty litter. my boy was such a big boy sitting in the chart!

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