Friday, January 14, 2011

6 months already

6 months ago this little boy changed my  life! I cant believe its been 6 months already.  since Kolton is 6 months old now i thought i would do a "6 things to know about Kolton"

1. He has two words "Daddy" and "Hi"
2. He get so mad when he wants food
3. He is such a grunter
4. He is trying so hard to crawl. so far he can push him self up either front end of the back end not both at the same time.
5. His smile lights up the room
6. He loves animals

Happy 6 months Kolton

on another note I'm excited for my  last few days in Edmonton, we have so much planned. Tonight we are going to Destiny's house and having donairs (homemade, i got the recipe from Christopher's brother) yummy!!!
Saturday we are going the "winter on whyte" I cant wait Kolton is going to spend the day with Gramma.
Sunday I'm getting my  hair done and spending the day with Destiny, again Kolton having a day with his Gramma.
Monday we are having pizza and visiting the great grandparents.
Tuesday  Kolton and I fly  home!!!! \

I've enjoyed my time in Edmonton and Kolton got to spend time with his family which  has been great! It will be fun to scrapbook about it all and Kolton will get to have those memories forever.

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