Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home and the Puppy

Well we are home and boy its great to be home! Kolton is finally sleeping through the night yay!!  we got home tuesday morning and my  poor boy had to have 2 shots his 6 month shot and his flu shot.  since his flu shot he has been very cranky and spitting up a lot. i assume its from the shot but im starting to think maybe its from teething too. everything feels like a guessing game. 
although he has been cranky he is still having a blast playing with his christmas presents that he had to leave at home when we went to Edmonton.
Drums from Uncle Derek

the other day  we went to a friends place who just go a new puppy. the puppy is so cute! we had the baby sitting on the floor and the puppy kept growling anf barking at kolton, it was the puppy's first encounter with a baby. Kolton was great about still smiling and grabbing at the puppy. My little man loves animals. it made me want a puppy so badly!

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