Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meal Planing

I thought I would try and save some money by meal planing. Ive meal planned before but only for a week this time im doing it for and entire month. I wonder if we can stick to it. I made a huge list of stuff we have to buy as well as a list of meals from Jan 18 to Feb 17. wish me luck!

My other new thing I wanted to try  and do  was a new recipe a week. I told Christopher he had to pick 2 and I would pick 2. the 4 recipes we are going to try are: 1. Creamy Chicken Soup 2. Cheese Burger Pie 3. Beef Soup 4. Beef Stroganoff.  I'll let you  know how they go.

Today I was supposed to go to winter on whyte but its been moved to tomorrow. So kolton gramma and I are going to have a much needed relaxing day at home

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