Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Smiles Make the World go Round

On Monday it was my  birthday. on the weekend as a little gift to myself I took Kolton to get a little photo shoot done  it was the best thing I could have done for my birthday!
here are the pictures

Life has changed so much since having kolton. Its wonderful I love having it all be about him, I feel like I worry to much  though. Kolton has a pediatrician appointment next week because I'm worried about his breathing and the fact that  his pee smells so strong. I'm sure everything is all good but its my  job to worry about him.

In about 2 months I am starting to work again but the best part is I get to have Kolton with me! so I may not get to be the stay at home mom I wanted to be but i do get to have my  son with me everyday. I am trying to open my own day care center. wish me luck!


  1. These are such cute pictures. I just showed Stephen, and he agrees!

  2. Those pics are adorable - I'm a huge fan of professional photo shoots!