Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wow time flies

So here I am laying on the floor with three kids (kolton my baby boy and the two kids I take care of) crawling all over me. They are having blast using me like a jungle gym. I was thinking wow I havent really blogged since kolton started crawling. Which seems like yesterday but it was actually in march.
So here's what kolton has been doing since march:
Destroying our cupboards... He's in them so much I have to tie them closed with tea towels
He finally said mom (11 months)
He started walking (10 months and 3 weeks old)
He sleeps from 7:15pm to 6:45am Yay!!
He throws wicked temper tantrums
He's 22lbs
He likes to get into trouble
He gives hugs... I love it ( he won't hug his daddy but I think he does that for a reaction)
He climbs stairs
I could go on forever!
He's a very happy, outdoor loving, rough and tumble boy!
I feel so blessed to have him. I am a very lucky mom!

Now about 2.5 months ago I got pregnant again. It was unexpected but we were very happy about having another baby in the house. Here comes the sad part about a month ago when I was hitting 7weeks we found ou the baby had stopped growing and I needed a D&C. I was devastated. Any time anyone started talking to me about what was to happen next I cried it was all very hard. 2 weeks ago I had my D&C. It's all still very hard but my boy keeps me so busy that I don't think About it to much.
On to happier things Kolton's first birthday party in on Saturday I'm so excited! We are having a big BBQ and family is coming from Edmonton to spend the weekend with us. For the kids I'm going to have a sand box out and a bunch of toys.
Kolton's cake is what I'm most excited about it's going to be a 3D bear with a cupcake on it saying "smash me!"
I actually have to make 2 cakes because on Sunday the entire family ( except for Stephen and Angela who unfortunately couldn't make it but we are gonna go see them in 2 weeks)are going for pictures. The last pictures are going to be of kolton smashing a cake!

Any birthday ideas? I could always use more

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  1. The 6 month old that I nanny for is already 22lbs. I can't believe what a little chubster he is! I'm glad you blogged again. Sometimes, I find that writing is the best way to work through my emotions and problems.